Zmodo Smart IP Cameras Review

Zmodo Smart IP Cameras Review

Investing in a wireless security camera is probably the best option for you if you want to monitor all the activities in your home and office. IP cameras, otherwise known as Internet Protocol cameras, are commonly used in schools, homes and offices for surveillance purposes.

Rest assured, these security cameras are easy to install and are available in a variety of prices so you can conveniently invest in a device that suits your budget. Consumers can conveniently set up the device on their own without any problem.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System


About The Product

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and is among the most budget-friendly IP cameras in the market. The affordable security solution is perfect for your office or home. The easy to use kit contains everything you need to keep an eye on your loved ones, pets or business anytime, anywhere.

Consumers can benefit from remote access using their PC, iPad or smartphone. Some notable features of the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi IP Cameras include:

  • Quick and Easy Setup: With the Zmodo Smart IP Cameras, consumers need not worry about calling in an expert to install the cameras. Follow the instructions on the box and that’s it. Browse through online tutorials if you have any problems. There are no configuration settings. Run the setup and the camera will automatically connect to your smartphone.
  • Zmodo App: Download the free Zmodo app for smooth operation and have total control over your video footage. The app is available on Apple Store and Play Store but is not compatible with Windows OS.
  • Always Stay Connected: You can seamlessly stream live videos using the mobile Zmodo app for Android and iOS. Consumers can also access videos via user.zmodo for added convenience. The security camera also sends intelligent motion alerts when activity is detected. This allows users to be wary of suspicious activities.
  • 720p HD Image Quality: The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi IP Cameras offers high quality 720p imagery, resulting in more detailed and clear images. This allows you to zoom in and experience every single detail.
  • IR Night Vision: The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi IP Cameras offers excellent night vision with automatic infrared radiation. The night vision allows users to see in complete darkness for up to 80 feet. This provides customers’ reassurance and reduces the risk of security threats.
  • Weather-Proof: The security cameras are weather-proof and are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Easy to Expand: Consumers can easily customize the security kit with extra cameras, resulting in an improved security system for your home and business. Consumers can either choose from Zmodo’s range of pre-made kits or invest in add-on cameras to build their own security kit. Customized kits allow consumers to design a system according to their specific needs. This will allow you to save money and only buy items that you really need.
  • Convenience: Say goodbye to problems, such as networking issues and port forwarding. Users can view recorded and live videos anywhere they go with the help of free apps. The wireless security system enables customers to rest at ease while knowing their home is secured.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System


What Others Say

While many customers were happy with their purchase, a few customers complained that the product could use some improvements. 

Starting with the positives, Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras are available at a reasonable price. Zmodo offers several bundle deals, hence customers can easily design a home-security system on a budget.

A customer said they had to spend 45 minutes with tech support on the phone but could not figure out how to connect the camera through the MeShare software. After fidgeting around with the settings for a bit, the customer finally decided to change the router settings to the right protocol. 

If you are unable to connect the cameras though the software, ensure the router setting is on the right protocol. On the bright side, most customers were happy with the overall results of the camera.

A customer wrote how the MeShare app and Zmodo app are practically the same so you can choose either. A customer installed the cameras in their barn and was quite happy with the results.

However, the customer complained that the setup of the app is not intuitive and might take some time for newbies to figure out. For its reasonable price, the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras are quite reasonable. Best of all, even if someone were to steal the security cameras, you would still have footage saved on the MeShare app.

Buying Advice

The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras can be purchased on Amazon at a reasonable price at around $100 with free shipping on Amazon Prime. Consider looking for promotional offers and discounts if you want to save a few dollars.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System


Zmodo offers a variety of bundle deals and pre-designed kits. Consumers can also design their own kit according to their convenience.


The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras may not be the best quality cameras in town but they definitely get the job done. If you are not on a tight budget, consider investing in a pricier security camera if you are interested in advanced settings and better quality. However, if you are in search of a basic security camera kit, this might be your best option.

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