Detailed Nest Cam Indoor Security Cameras Review

Nest Cam Indoor Security Cameras

In earlier times cameras had grainy surveillance footage from low resolutions. Security systems of that time didn’t provide full security to a place especially when someone could steal footage once they broke in or take out cameras from outside of their range of visibility. With the introduction of the latest technology like cloud storage, High-Definition cameras, etc. digital video surveillance has changed and taken huge steps forward.

From this big, clunky, poor quality, etc.:

Computer 10-300mm zoom lens (2000)

To this:

Now, selecting the right security camera for the indoors can often get difficult with so many high-end options from world-renowned brands. No matter what the situation is, the camera recommendations below will come in handy and allow you to rest peacefully knowing you got the best option on the market. One of the incredible options that you have here is the Nest Cam indoor security cameras.

Nest Cam Review

The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is a cloud-based security camera. That is why you won’t have to manage any of your home servers, hard drives, hub, or even microSD cards. It is one of the features of this camera. Even if your camera is destroyed or it gets stolen by the culprit, the footage gets directly stored in your account.

Though, a monthly or yearly subscription is required to be paid. The camera will offer 24*7 live streaming and an incredible magnetic stand. Mentioned below is a detailed Nest Camera Review.

Keep an eye on your place 24*7

You as a user can keep an eye on your place 24*7. You won’t have to worry about the robberies or any thefts when you are 450% less likely to be burgled having a security system. With Nest Aware, you can easily add the 24/7 continuous recording from 10 to 30 days. This will provide you with the freedom to see every single detail during a vacation, while you are working, whatever is happening.

Alerts as well as snapshots

You’ll get a notification alert if the camera detects any activity. A screenshot will get sent to your email or on your phone. You’ll immediately be notified of the trespasser and can speak through the microphones on the camera to gain their attention. Nest Aware will help you to get alerts that will notify you if there’s an intruder inside or out.

Talk as well as listen

With the help of Nest Cam indoor security cameras, you’ll be offered a built-in microphone and speaker. You can easily use the apps for listening. And you can also choose the app to talk to the person, animal or whoever is on the other side. Use this feature to control all the activities going on inside the property.

View what you have missed

You can even review the activities with one click from the previous 3 hours free of cost. In addition, you’ll also be able to review the activities of the whole day in seconds with the help of Nest Aware. This feature will help you to easily find the key moments.

Plugin and go security

With the Nest Cam indoor security camera, you can easily check what’s happening inside your home. It means you’ll not have to worry about the dead batteries or extra wires for a recording system on-site anymore.

Modern and enhanced look

The camera comes with a dark grey metal stand design which is modern and has a joint at the base. You can easily stick the camera to a steel surface. The tripod can get assembled using the threaded socket at the bottom. The security camera can get attached to the wall as well.

Easy setup

You can easily set up the security camera even if you aren’t an expert with the installation of the security cameras within 10 minutes.

Many subscriptions to select from

You’ll get a 30 days’ subscription free when you choose to buy this camera. You can take the benefit of the Nest cloud service. The app can also get used to seeing videos, share videos. Not only this but, you can even make time-lapse clips and much more.

Price starts from $10 a month to $100 a year.

This is an in-detail Nest Cam review. After reading the informative piece, you’ll have understood that it is one of the best options for the security of your indoors.

What the Customers have to Say?

The Nest camera has an incredible rating on Amazon of 4.6 stars out of 5 with over 10,000 ratings at the time of this blog post. This means that most of the clients have loved the product. From the modern design to ease of setup, this camera system is loved by everyone.

It is a great tool and a well-built device for the security of your space. As a whole, the customers are fully satisfied with the remote access app. Some negative reviews are from people having experienced that the camera freezing sometimes. To fix this just reset the app and the camera will restart all over again.

Advice from the Experts

The experts at Your Cam Center recommend you choose this camera. However, you’ll have to pay a bit extra for the services, but overall it is a great product in which you should invest. Amazon is even rolling out services where they will install things like appliances for you though at this time, they have not hit the security camera niche, but stay tuned.
Even though it has a few bugs but runs pretty perfectly.

Discussed above is the Nest camera review. You can go through this review about one of the best cameras for indoor security and decide whether to purchase it or not.

If you are looking for more security camera reviews, then, don’t forget to browse through the website of Your Cam Center.